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Hello Montreal,

I need your sage advice. I went to see a kinesiologist to make me orthotics. I have really bad structural problems such as muscle tightness and joint problems. I'm in pain a lot. The dr. made orthotics and some adjustments were to be made. A process I understand to be quite common. the problem is that the right orthotic was made with the arch too high and it caused my leg to cramp up causing me more pain then when I went in. I tried to explain that to him but it sort of took a few sessions for him to register that this is a problem.  That said, over the course of 9  visits, he lowered the arch once and finally made a new orthotic. Basically, I've had them since August and have only really possessed them for about 2 weeks. I got them back yesterday with the new right orthotic and it's not comfortable again and pressing on my arch.

I spent 600$ on these orthotics. Since I've had them, I've experienced pain like I never had. The left one is helpful but the right one aggravated my back in an unpleasant way. The doctor is not really making me feel like he knows what it is that's necessary to stabilize my feet. I feel like he's more worried about some thesis he's working on. I don't feel cared for. I've been quite cranky with him because I'm in pain, but rather than approaching me as someone who clearly needs help and is quite desperate for it, I feel like I'm  a pest in his otherwise busy and important life. For 600$, I don't think that's ok. I acknowledge that  part of the problem is that my body is extremely messed up and as  a result it I'm not very patient. The arch on the orthotic I got is barely lower than the one I had before and is pressing uncomfortably. Seeing as I feel like the doctor doesn't care, I don't know how to approach this problem. I feel helpless, out of money to do anything about it and in the end, I don't know if these orthotics are going to do damage or good, and I"m not sure I want to find out the hard way.

Has anyone had an experience like this? Do you know where I coud get a second opinion? Does anyone know of a good podiatrist or other structural doctor in Montreal who could look at what I might need to resolve this problem? Do I have the right after 9 visits and a redo, to ask for my money back if I don't find that this doctor can resolve this issue?

Please note, that I don't want to ruin this guy's career as I'm sure he's helped other people, and my family doctor was one of them. I'm a very tough case as I have a lot of problems and he clearly didn't step up to the plate. Perhaps there's a way of expressing this without taking him down. I wouldn't feel better to do so.

Any advice would be appreciated.




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