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Ridiculousness at hand

So today on m way to school my sister calls me and tells me that she thinks I should study with her voice teacher. Now a little back story, in the pas few years my sister has done everything in her power to avoid having me study with her voice teacher. More back story, my siser and I both want to be opera singers, she's been studying for about 4 yrs and I'm just starting out now. So anyway, this after two weeks of lessons with the teacher that I have chosen to study with. I'm o.k. with the idea but it just complicates things and I'm probabl going to burn out soon because the schedule I'm on isn't leaving me much time to do anything properly (including sleeping and masturbating).(P.S. someone let me know if I"m too vulgar) So, when I finally do get a day off it is now filled with me travelling to a small own in Quebec where I will take a voice lesson with my sisters teacher on top of the voice lesson with my teacher.Complications aside I'm sure it will sort itself out but I'm so fffn tired right now, which I don't like because I'm soon going to be paying $167 a credit to sleep through class.

In other news, well, there'll be more breaking coming up shortly when I have time to do some explaining. Buenos Noches Kiddos


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Sep. 27th, 2006 10:35 pm (UTC)
thats the beauty of the internet, you can be as vulgar/whiny/naked as you want!

sucks about being burnt out from it all, im feeling the effects too.

Sep. 28th, 2006 03:10 pm (UTC)
I'm tired too.

keep on keepin' on

your sister...grr. Typical competitive older sister mentality. Doesn't want you to follow in her footsteps that she created for herself but yet wants you to do well.

Don't forget to enjoy your experience!
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